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About Us

Ragz Books

Welcome to Ragz Books. If you haven't looked already, please explore the books in our half price book store for a wide range of great online novels and special promotions from our paperback book store online.

Along with selling books online, Ragz Books is a non-profit publishing company with dual headquarters in the U.K. and the U.S.

Originally founded by a British publisher, the company expanded to join forces with an American publisher to become the international company it is today.

The founders of the company chose to make it a non-profit organisation with a long term goal to assist artists with their books. The owners believe that the authors themselves are the most important people when it comes to publishing.

Ragz Books was designed with the author in mind, meaning that they firmly believe that that the authors are the ones who deserve to profit the most.

High quality is a strong focus in developing books at Ragz. Authors must go through a tough submission process and work hard to create fiction that is better than industry standards. The reason is simple, we will not disappoint our readers. So along with providing a reputable publishing company for many talented authors, we also provide exceptional literature and fiction to readers.