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About Company History

Company History

Ragz Books was originally formed as a division of a popular UK printing company, which was planned to be a small and selective UK publisher. However, in 2011 it partnered with a U.S. publisher and has changed drastically in a very short time.

With more international opportunities available and more expert services in all publishing media available, the company expanded into a larger scale publisher.

Now able to provide much higher quality print solutions, expertly formatted new media, and home to worldwide marketing expertise, Ragz Books has expanded into a larger and more innovative publishing house.

The owners wanted to see Ragz Books become a hub for authors and readers to mingle on. With that in mind, late in 2011 they decided to make Ragz Books into a non-profit organization, providing authors with the best financial gains from their hard work and providing readers with high quality literature at great prices. Ragz Books have maintained a reputation for quality via their strict submissions and editing processes. Ragz still maintains a non-profit status due to funding from the owners and assistance from experts in a range of sectors.

During the first two years of the Ragz Books venture, its work with authors has provided many success stories. Two of its authors were picked up by Penguin, another one has joined Harlequin, three have won coveted literary awards, and it now has several authors who are bestsellers. We are proud to support all of our authors in their success.

Since its inception, Ragz Books has grown rapidly and is the only publisher of its kind in existence.

This is only the beginning of the Ragz Books story.