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About Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Ragz Books aim is to help authors create and publish exceptional literature while also providing high quality books for readers at reasonable prices.

Helping authors develop their creative work and putting out high quality books are the main goals of Ragz Books.

With recent changes in the publishing industry, many new indie publishers are popping up all over the place. In some cases, this is a good thing. But in other cases, it leads to authors signing unreasonable contracts, selling poor quality literature and working hard with no financial gains to show for it.

Ragz was formed by three publishing professionals who felt that authors needed another option available to them. Due to the support of other professionals within the publishing industry we were able to make Ragz Books a non-profit publisher. Ragz takes no money from authors, artists or anyone who works with us. Our goal is to help authors and artists navigate the sometimes murky world of publishing and provide them with a simple pathway for publishing and controlling their own books.

Our goal is to create a hub for authors and artists to develop their creative work, market it professionally, and sell it to readers in high quality formats.

We also aim to provide a support network for writers and artists with in-depth guides, tutorials and support on the vast range of subjects within the publishing sector.

Along with helping authors, we also aim to provide readers with high quality books and a vast choice in new fiction.