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R. Allan Sharkey is a fantasy fiction author. His current book is a Virtual Odyssey; a science fiction and fantasy adventure about virtual worlds.

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Ronald Allen Sharkey Author

Ron Sharkey was born in North Dakota during the late 60’s but was raised in Canada. His childhood was difficult, having moved over fifty times by the age of ten. To compensate for the lack of stability within his family life, he immersed himself in a world of fantasy and horror books, comics and magazines.

A troubled teen with little direction in life, Ron walked a dark path until he met an amazing woman who helped him to realize his self worth and passion for writing. Now in his early forties, he is still a young boy at heart. He is currently writing the third book of his adventure series “Virtual Odyssey”, which has allowed him to indulge his favourite childhoods fantasies.

Ron has a passion for spicy food, horror movies and live music. He still listens to the punk rock and metal of his youth, which his wife, Lauren, has affectionately endured for their thirteen years of marriage. They currently live in Washington state with their three young children.

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  • Ghost in the Machine