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Claire Chilton is giving away lots of free stories for you to enjoy online. You can download A Hint of Magic for free in most books stores right now, so what are you waiting for? The comedy horror story introduces Dora Carridine as she ventures into a world of magic, witchcraft and demons.

A Hint of MagicShe's looking for a hint of magic in her world...

Dora Carridine is fed up with her life as a preacher’s daughter and sets out to explore the darker side of life instead. If she can find some magic in the world, then maybe she will find a place she belongs.

When she comes across a coven of witches, she takes on their trials to try and join them. But the witches aren’t all they appear to be, and Dora finds herself slipping into a darker world than she imagined.

She has to make a choice to do the right thing, but Dora’s never been very good at doing anything right…

Download this book for free online now!

DetentionDetention will be a free story coming out later this year as part of Claire Chilton's The Squishies Series, which will be a free story for the fans. The whole series is being remastered and this will include a new free story called Detention which will be coming out later this year.

In Detention, fans of the series will be able to read about Carla's escape from the craziest juvenile detention center in the universe, along with meeting a cast of crazy new characters in Derobmi.

Keep an eye out for announcements about the release on Claire's website. You can also get details of it delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for her newsletter here.