At Ragz Books, our authors retain all their rights to their own books; including all publishing rights, TV and film rights, and translation rights in all languages. Ragz Books do not take anything for the work we do. Our purpose is to protect authors from disreputable publishers, assist talented authors in showcasing their work and to share our knowledge with as many talented writers as we can.

We will act as mediators on the author's behalf if they require it. We will run security checks on any company who tries to contact our authors to ensure they are reputable.

Authors at Ragz are free agents, and their work and all rights to it belong solely to them.

If you have found a book in our listings that you are interested in purchasing the rights for, please contact us about the related rights, or contact the author directly. We welcome reputable publishers and agents and encourage you to connect with our authors.

In all correspondence with us, please state the title of the book you are interested in, the nature of your interest and the author's name. We will pass on the information to the author, and they will get back to you.