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Welcome to the Ragz Books Tutorials, which cover every aspect of publishing. We hope you find them helpful.
  • Editing Tips (2)
    At Ragz Books we love editors, they teach us how to be better writers. We believe all authors should have some knowledge about editing their manuscripts. Even the smallest structural editing changes can make vast improvements to a novel.

    So part of our mission is to provide useful editing advice and provide free guides to authors. If you've never had a structural edit before, this is a must read for first time authors! Editing your manuscript is hard work and the secret to a great book!

    To find out more about editing, with full tutorials, guides and tips and tricks. Please browse our articles to find out more.
  • Writing Guides (4)
    Writing is one of the most emotional and inspirational experiences you can have. Writers sacrifice blood, sweat and tears to provide readers with stories that touch their souls.

    But starting out as writer can be hard going, it's never a creative movie montage with inspirational music, that's for sure. Here are some writing tips from some of our experts to help guide your writing in the right direction!
  • Illustration (1)
    Don't be fooled by old sayings, people DO judge a book by its cover. Check out our guides and tutorials on creating a good book cover, to make your book stand out for readers.
  • Marketing (2)
    We've got tips and a tricks from online marketing experts, public relations professionals and some of the top direct marketing experts in their field. Find out the best ways to reach your readers with our marketing guides.
  • Submissions (3)
    Submitting to agents and publishers can be a stressful ordeal for many authors. There's never enough information to figure out what publishers are looking for. Check out our guides on how to make submissions for some expert advice on the how to put your best foot forward with agents and publishers.

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